Author: Tan, W.H.
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A Compact High Repetition Rate Free-Electron Laser Based on the Advanced Wakefield Accelerator Technology  
  • A. Zholents, D.S. Doran, W.G. Jansma, M. Kasa, A. Nassiri, J.G. Power, S. Sorsher, K.J. Suthar, E. Trakhtenberg, G.J. Waldschmidt, J.Z. Xu
    ANL, Lemont, Illinois, USA
  • S. Baturin, P. Piot, W.H. Tan
    Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, USA
  • A.E. Siy
    UW-Madison/PD, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  Funding: Supported by a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357.
Significant progress has been made at ANL in the design of a hard x-ray facility based on the array of compact free-electron lasers (FELs). Each FEL uses a dedicated compact collinear wakefield accelerator (CWA) delivering 5-GeV electron bunches with up to 50-kHz repetition rate. The CWA uses a cylindrical copper structure with a 2-mm ID and fine corrugations on the wall. It causes a 10-nC "drive" bunch to radiate an electromagnetic field with a field amplitude ~ 100 MV/m acting on a ~ 0.3-nC "witness" bunch trailing behind. The entire accelerator will span a few tens of meters and will contain almost identical ~ 0.5-m-long accelerator modules. The accelerator module includes a 4-cm-long transition section with an output coupler, a notch filter, an integrated offset monitor, bellows, pumping and water-cooling ports. All CWAs share a 1-GeV superconducting linac for production of asymmetrically shaped drive bunches with a high repetition rate. The design of this accelerator is nearing completion and will be presented. Plans for the prototyping and "cold" testing of the accelerator module will be discussed, and first results of the test with the electron beam will be presented.
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